What a Weekend!

It seems to happen every year… the holidays end and I think it’s rest time. Our days couldn’t possibly get busier! Then school starts up, and I soon realize that the rest is still months away! Because life. (Nice sentence, I know!)

We were going into our first weekend after being back in school, and the kids were already asking to see friends. When I called one of Malachi’s buddies, it turned out he was skiing… so Malachi wanted to go as well. Long story short, within minutes, we were dressed, snacks packed, and headed up to Big Mountain for my first time skiing in 23 or 24 years! And, it was night skiing, none-the-less!

I soon learned that skiing is like riding a bike; you don’t really forget… even after almost a quarter century! (How am I that old?) It was a warm night, and there had been a ton of fresh snow falling over the past 3 days. It was an ideal time to get back on the slopes. Both Daniel and I caught the ski bug!

Allison had skied once before many years ago. And, this was Malachi’s first time. Both did great and are looking forward to more time on the slopes.

Saturday brought another unexpected surprise — Daniel found free chicks from a neighbor on Nextdoor and couldn’t resist. I am pretty sure we have way too many projects to be taking on chicks right now, but what do I know!?!?!?

Sunday came, and still no rest… it was time to take Sierra to her first competitive gymnastics meet a few hours south of here. We stopped at our favorite meat store for some buffalo snacks!

Sierra placed 10th in her age group and her team got 1st all-around. It was a fun experience!

Aaaaannnndd, this weekend has another gymnastics meet, along with semester finals to be graded, friends coming for dinner, teaching Sunday school, and all the things… No rest for now. I wouldn’t have it any other way. (Don’t quote me on that!)

Back to School… P.E.

My friend back in California texted me a picture of her and her kids at the skate park we used to go to together for “p.e.” It is always great being the homeschoolers who show up to places once all the kids head back to school. It made me miss her so!

Though we can’t do a skate park here in January, we can meet up with friends at the park with the biggest sledding hill for “p.e.” What a workout! We ended up staying so late that we picked up dinner and headed back to our place for more games and hang out time.

I love homeschool “p.e.”

New Year’s Eve 2021

I wasn’t quite sure how the day would go. I had had a root canal the day before and was expecting a lot of pain. Surprisingly, I had no pain and enjoyed one of Sierra’s muffins and some coffee and we jumped right in to our puzzle.

We were supposed to go see friends, but not until late and I was a bit scared of the drive. So, I told her we wouldn’t make it and settled in to the slow, cozy morning. Then I got a text from another friend inviting us to do dinner, skijoring, and ice hockey. Now, I still had my heart set on staying home and puzzling… but how could I say no to skijoring?

It was so cool to see the teenagers flying off ski jumps behind a horse! And, they even let Malachi try. He had a blast. Ice hockey was also fun, but oh so cold! I couldn’t last long before needing to go stand by the fire. The number of stars in the night sky were so impressive! And, of course, we had fireworks…

We came in for games and dessert, and did the countdown New York style — two hours early. (That’s the way I like it!) I took a picture of the car dashboard on the way home; yes, it says -17. I told you it was COLD!

Christmas Break Fun!

Big Fork to see the play, “Elf.” Big Fork is so beautiful to visit in every season, but Christmas might be my favorite.

Lots of movie nights.

Friends and snow forts.

Gym play with new hover boards, new game of spike ball, and forts with Papa!

Cotton candy frappucinos for them, Nespresso for me, and Bananagrams for all!

Giant crepes made on the lefse grill.

Sledding/ snowboarding with Mom and Dad.

Spontaneous overnight visit from an old, dear friend from California who now lives in Couer D’ Alene. Such a blessing to see her and 2 of her kids… grateful they braved the 3.5 hour drive!

LOTS of fun our (new-to-us) Norwegian sled from Aunt Carol and Uncle Gary. What a blast! And, of course, still loving our “Yeh sleigh” from Uncle Rolf.

Dinner at Tamarack using our gift card and enjoying their homemade root beer!

Christmas 2021

For the second year in a row, we had to celebrate Christmas morning without Daniel. Once again, we were able to FaceTime him in for some fun opening stockings and presents.

His favorite toy was his first hover board, and these paw patrol stickers from Natalie were perfect to go on the hover board!

Cool dude loved his new shoes and shirt!

After a relaxing family morning, we headed to our dear friends’ place for charceuterie, fellowship, and dinner! We arrived clad in pajamas, per their request. Comfy clothes and the greatest friends; it was amazing!

Surprise! Daniel was able to make it in just as we were ready for dinner. A little Christmas miracle as he had to travel all day, then rent a car and drive from Missoula!

It was a wonderful and memorable Christmas!

Christmas Eve 2021

Traditions!!! Our friends made it for Christmas Eve breakfast and sledding for the second year in a row. (And, I got my lefse made in time!!) It was a wonderful morning of lingering and praying together while the kids played; such a precious friendship!

I love this picture… Doesn’t it look like my kids are happily playing together on Christmas Eve? It may just be that they were fighting so much that I threatened them and forced them to play a game until they could get along! Ha!

We went to Christmas Eve service at 3pm, and were thankfully early enough to get a seat! I LOVE worshipping on Christmas and thinking of all the believers around the world celebrating and worshipping together!

After church, I got the meatballs ready as quickly as I could so we could open our one Christmas Eve gift before dinner.

Testing her new pens…

Nice Jeep, Malachi! I love it!

I used heavy whipping cream for the Swedish meatballs this year… we all agreed I should save this recipe!! (Funny how I look up a different recipe every year!)

Sidenote: I was so easily irritated this day. Every bicker felt like it was overwhelming me. I was not slow to anger and had to repent… and I realized how overcoming frustrations was more important than not having frustrations. Witnessing forgiveness and the night ending with kids sharing their new gifts, (like new cotton candy flavors), warmed my heart. I also vowed to wake early Christmas for my alone time. (And I did!)

Natalie Turns 15

The night before her birthday, we had dear friends spend the night. Though I went to sleep, the kids may have stayed up well into her birthday morning!

Even so, they all woke up for breakfast pizza, a few presents, and then the early church service…

In fact, we were early to the early service! (Perhaps because I bribed them with coffee from the coffee shop!) The girls spent the afternoon chilling and watching movies. The boys spent their time out making snow forts and jumps.

Unfortunately, the late night and some lingering germs made Natalie not feel so good. I picked up Panera soup and bread for dinner and we went to bed early. Thankfully, her party was a few days later… And, thankfully she was feeling better!

Due to Christmas plans, several friends came and went throughout the night. But, it was overall a fabulous party! It began with a game of 4 on the couch while I cooked some tacos…

Cupcakes… well… they were yummy! My original frosting was a wee bit runny! 🙂

I went to bed around 11, but not before coming down to witness games and dancing in the snow. I woke up several times to the sound of the bass of the movie.

These poor guys didn’t get much sleep…

Only one girl was awake in time for breakfast at 9:30. The rest slowly wandered in, looking quite exhausted. I would say that is a success!

Happy 15th birthday, Natalie!

Christmas Celebration, Concert, and Art Show

After years of being married to a firefighter, we have learned to adjust holiday celebrations accordingly. This year we really had to squeeze in a “Christmas dinner” on a busy day, but it was a blessing! The day began with ornament and tree biscuits before the kids rushed of to school…

We arrived home at 4pm, with dinner already on the table. Daniel spoiled us with bacon wrapped smoked asparagus, filet mignon, and homemade scalloped potatoes. After dinner, we changed clothes then hurried off to the Heritage Christmas concert and art show.

I wish I could post recordings of the concert, but it was beautiful. We drove home through gently falling snow, and commented on how much it felt like a Hallmark movie.

The next day, we sent Daniel off to work, but will see him again late Christmas night! So grateful for the small celebration we had together as a family!

That Time of Year

            Don’t you just love those holidays when everything goes well?  You’re done Christmas shopping before Black Friday, everyone is healthy, and your Christmas cards are mailed out by December 1!  I can think of a few years where I was somewhat on top of things. This year… not so much!  It was the night before Thanksgiving, as I prepped and cleaned and cared for sick kids and realized I was pretty far behind in all aspects of Christmas planning, when the thought struck me…

            Poor Mary and Joseph were pretty “unprepared” as well!  They hadn’t booked their hotel on Expedia, nor did they have Pinterest-worthy crib sheets. Oh, who am I kidding… they would have been cancelled long before they could take a cute picture of Jesus snuggling with a cow for all to see. Christmas celebrations have come a long way, but the heart of Christmas remains the same.  Peace on Earth, and a peace in our hearts given to us by the Prince of Peace who came on Christmas!

We are now one week away from Christmas, and though my cards are still on my desk along with a few decorations that just might not make it up this year, I feel peace. Thank you, Jesus! And, thanks to all of you who have sent Christmas cards, as well as all of you who are having a slacker year like me… may you find peace while seeking Him!

Christmas Crafting and Charcuterie

When I got the invite, I was so excited. I love time with these ladies. Add to that crafting and charcuterie, and I was sold! Unfortunately, it fell on the same day as my daughter’s first gymnastics meet, so naturally I said no.

Fast forward to the night before, and my daughter tells me she is too nervous for me to come. What?!?!? After lots of talks, recognizing that this was only a practice meet, and making my daughter promise she wouldn’t need counseling in the future because her mom wasn’t at her first meet, I finally decided to go to the lady’s craft morning instead. She was happy. I was happy, (though fighting some mom guilt — even though she really didn’t want me!)

With this time of year being so busy, it is such a gift to sip mimosas, laugh, and craft with ladies I love. Our wonderful host provided all the ingredients to macrame an ornament as well as make some sugar scrubs. (I chose lavender)

Throughout our time, Daniel sent videos of the meet. She did terrific! When you’re a mom like me and reading this, my dear Sierra, may it be noted that I tried my best to go to your gymnastics meet, but in the end went with your desire for me not to be there. Can’t wait to see you next time in person!

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